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Phone isn't updating to 8.1

Hi i bought nokia 7 plus yesterday. It was showing 8.1 update yesterday but suddenly it stopped. And not showing any update for 8.1 oreo. How do i get update of 8.1 please help me out

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I've updated to 8.1 with April security patch. I had to remove my BT sim card which uses EE network here I the UK and reset my 7 plus to get this update.


What kind of reset please? Does it mean you lose all phone config?

 @quigger this might help ... I tried post two days ago but page wasn't updating at the time :-(

TA-1055 UK

Thanks to all above.

Registered phone with Nokia Developers

As such only given one rollback download option There is a note that the phone MUST be connected via wifi to succeed.

Downloaded the 1.2Gb rollback file about 12 - 15mins at 2.0Mb/s to PC

Copied the file from PC downloads to microSD card "root" using USB cable :-

Did a phone "restart" using only the power button and waited.

Eventually the update started,  about 20 minutes after commencing it completed and I was given "reboot" message.

Phone was rebooted and was at 8.1.0 1-April-2018 patch. About 1 hour to reach this stage. was deleted. Only 2 directories/folders in microSD "root" after update :-

Within another 2 hours I received the 1-May-2018 patch.
00WW-2-13A - 1-April-2018 patch (note tie in with 213 in zip file name above)
00WW-2-22A - 1-May-2018 patch

Kernel now at 20-Apr-2018 04:48 CST 4.4.78-perf+

For the few apps I have loaded there was no effect. My music on my microSD card was not affected. SIM was not removed.

My phone was purchased from Argos at suggestion of Carphone Warehouse as the shop I was in did not have in stock that particular day. On O2 network via GiffGaff.

@quigger yes everything will be deleted

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I followed Willim's instructions and now on 8.1 - not had May update yet but better than being stuck at Feb update.  I'm in UK on EE, phone bought at Carephonwarehouse.  

No data lost but had to reset my launcher - using Nova and also had to reset my do not disturb settings that I use at night.  Everything else seems to be ok and I have a lot of apps.

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Hey @frostydad

I'm pretty sure EE (UK) are blocking all updates at present.

Looks like they are.  Seen various posts on different forums from EE users who are stating that you have to carry out factory reset to get updates.  Just wanted to let people know that the roll back download from Nokia, previously mentioned,  works without losing your data.  Took me about 40 minutes to download and update.  May have to do the same in the future for future updates but it was straight forward.

Hey quigger,

The assumption about EE is correct.  I bought a pay as you go SIM from giffgaff that use O2 network and instantly received the May update

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 Lets see how long will take this month to deploy the update...

So at the moment it seems that if you're on EE you have a choice of A) Going through these arcane rituals with hard resets (which I tried) or pretending to be in Finland B) Replacing my phone and abandon these foolish utopian dreams of Android One C) Ditch EE. Can anybody recommend a supplier who will supply OTA upgrades in the UK
My 7+ was on 8.1 and may security patch but it was so lagy so I have sent it back today and probably will be buying from Nokia's e-shop but now it's out of stock.
I repeat do not install the may update. It has alot of bugs. I repeat do not install the nay update.
I got a Giffgaff SIM which is provided by O2. Stuck £10 on it. Put it in my phone, checked for pdates and instantly got the May update. Not had any problems. I'm now back on EE. You only need to make a call or text using the Giffgaff SIM once every 6 months for it to stay active so £10 well spent for updates. I'll just stick it back in my phone once a month for the update.

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After waiting since the phone was released in UK & Ireland for the 8.1 and May security updates, they eventually arrived last week. FWIW my phone is on Vodafone Ireland, on a SIM-only contract.

Swapped my BT/EE sim for a Vodafone sim, restarted my N7+, checked for updates and Oreo 8.1 was ready to instal. Seems EE sim card was blocking the update for some reason.

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