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Phone isn't updating to 8.1

Hi i bought nokia 7 plus yesterday. It was showing 8.1 update yesterday but suddenly it stopped. And not showing any update for 8.1 oreo. How do i get update of 8.1 please help me out

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I sideloaded 8.1 about a week ago but I'm still on April patch so not sure that will help. UK.
I followed the instructions that were provided by PendragonUK in an earlier post. I'm now on Oreo 8.1 May update. Thanks to PendragonUK for the info. I used PIA as my VPN, and also chose Finland. Extract from post: I have successfully updated my TA-1055 UK phone. Here is what I did. SIM out! Factory reset Sign in to WiFi and Google account Restore from backup Let the restore finish VPN (I chose Finnish exit point) Successful update! Restart with SIM in.
Besides Finland, what other countries could I try on a VPN? The VPN I'm using (ProtonVPN) doesn't have it and I don't want to pay for PIA just to use it once.
I guess it's just trial and error on which country has the update available. I know Indian appears to be receiving the updates quickly. I have also seen some people mention Italy, Portugal and Spain.

I have not checked this out ... for some it may save on costs :-) :-) I use Opera browser from time to time, for those looking for a VPN this might help ...
"When you enable VPN, it starts automatically, and the blue VPN badge appears in the combined search and address bar. Click on the badge, and you will see an on/off switch, information about the amount of data transferred, the virtual location, and the the virtual IP address.

From the point-of-view of websites, your browser is now located in the country given by the virtual location. To change your virtual location, select a country from the list. If you do not choose a country, you are automatically assigned an "optimal location". To turn off VPN, flip the switch."

Hope it is of use to someone :-)

I've replied on another thread but just to spread my feedback... I went for the Nokia developer preview, downloaded the "current roll-back image" method.

I was 8.0.0 Feb security.

1. I signed up to the Nokia developer preview, downloaded the "current roll-back image"

2. Transferred it to an SD card via my computer.

3. Put SD card back in phone.

4. Rebooted phone to check file before using recovery mode.

5. However, when the phone rebooted it found the file on the SD card itself and offered to install it whilst phone was active (no need to use recovery mode).

6. I accepted and waited for the 100% to install, and then had to reboot.

7. Once rebooted I was on 8.1.0.

8. I only have April security update at present. (I suspect EE (UK Network) are blocking the May one).

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Thanks to quigger's comment I am finally updated on Android 8.1 May security patch. I didn't register for developer version just downloaded the rollback from other post and after that just following the steps in previous comment.

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When I see what we need to do to have updates, I wonder if there is some of N7+ with a bug in the updating software itself...

I try the "be patient method" by Nokia to see if my phone will update one day. My phone is already 2 updates late.

Tried to register for this but I get "Sorry, it looks like the Nokia phones Android developer preview program isn't currently supported on your phone".
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