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NOKIA 7+ White Copper availability in INDA

Can Any body has an Idea that when will the Nokia 7+ White Copper will be available in Indian Market. 

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No idea.. checking regularly for white one..but not coming in stock.. neither on Amazon nor on Nokia website..i ask both Amazon and Nokia executives..they dont have any information regarding availability of nokia 7 plus white colour :-/

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Thanks Sumit,

I had a chat conversation with 1 of the Nokia executive and they dont have any idea, I sent an email to HMD glodal. Does any one has any Idea when this Whilte+Copper will be released in India. 

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 Its very unfortunate that Nokia is not serious about making the product available despite its demand Once they have launched Nokia 7 plus with white copper alongwith black copper they are not justified in keeping mum regarding non-availability of white copper color. 

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Hmm, Very True, Don't May be the reason they are waiting to release is that they will wait for Black+Copper to finish, Once Black+Copper is out of stock, Then they may go for white+Copper, If this is the case, Then it is not a good experience for the consumer who is looking for white+Copper. 

Hope they will soon launch the White+Copper. 

 I dont think thats the case becz nokia 7 plus black copper went out of stock yesterday and right now its showing only one left in stock.Dnt know whats the game plan. Seems some issue with the production house.

If it is Out of stock, Hmm the Phone is much Demand, As per the price perspective I thought this will be slow to pick up in the market, Only thing we can do is just wait unitl they release new white + Copper Version. 

White one is now available on nokia website finally..go for it :-)
Yeah.. just ordered. Lets c whn it is deliverd.. :)

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I hope White+Copper will be available in Amazon Too. Despareately waiting for it in AMAZON.

Yes, its available on Nokia website i order Nokia 7 Plus White Copper yesterday awaiting when it will get delivered.

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What about the phone availability in Amazon? Any Idea. 

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