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Background Service Killed even when whitelisted


I got a problem on a background service of an app (Gravity Screen : that got killed after a while even when whitelisted !

The background service last about 10 min and then it'll be killed by PowerSavingAppG3 ! =>

As you can see on the screenshot, PowerSavingAppG3 is killing the service of Gravity Screen App for no reason.

I already disable the battery optimization for this app but nothing happend ...

Any help could be great ! Thank you.

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what model you have ? happened to me with ta-1000

I got a TA-1033


i'm developing an app which is running in the background (but as a foreground service, so user has to start it and is notified that it's running) But on my Nokia 7 Plus the app is killed after ~30min of inactivity. I found out that PowerSavingAppG3 is killing my app / service even when my app is whitlisted.

Are there any news on this topic?

Thank you!

why not remove PowerSavingAppG3  apk ?

It seems a memory saver app. maybe be you can remove and try it again.

Yes this PowerSavingG3 is the Power Saving of Nokia (developped by evenwell). It kills "Inactive" background services in order ta save battery and memory, but too many background are killed for wrong reason.

So I found recently a workaround : I removed this Power Saver using adb :

I uninstall the two following packages : 

  • com.evenwell.powersaving.g3
  • com.evenwell.powersaving.g3.overlay.base.s600ww

Then I rebooted my devices, and now it's working fine for more than one week.
By the way, I didn't notice any problem with the system. My battery life is as good as before !

This power saver is useless ... This fight for saving battery getting too far nowadays ... causing more problems that gains !

Hope it'll help.

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Thank you for your responses and tips.

Unfortunately i can't tell all my users with a Nokia phone to remove Nokias Power Saver.

In another thread i read that someone had the same problem while listening to music with spotify and that the problem was fixed with an update by nokia. So i think they just exclude spotify from beeing killed in their power saver. 

Is it possible to ask Nokia if they can whitelist my app on their power saving? but the question is, why are they ignoring the whitelist made by the user in the system?

Yeah I understand ...

But sadly, this power saver has to be fixed by Nokia dev team, because what I know, they just have fixed the music player issue but not the rest ...

And yes I already tried to whitelist some apps to be power optimized, but the power saver of Nokia doesn't care about this whitelist .... It kills app even if it is whitelist ... And I don't know why this Nokia power saver is ignoring the system whitelist ...

I think the best solution is not to tell Nokia to directly whitelist your app inside their app but to tell them to rework their power saver in order to to take care of the system whitelist and stop ignoring it.

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Do you know what is the best way to tell them to rework their power saver?

Guess you can do it there =>

Could you tell me if you obtain any update from Nokia dev team ?

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Yes, i will tell you if i get any news from Nokia.

Thank you for your help!

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I have had similar issues with Strava and also traced it back in the logs to the evenwell g3 process. I have a thread on this board I created and also raised the issue with support last week. Hopefully they are working on a fix.

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Well, the chat with nokia wasn't that helpful. "As the app that you are developing might be in conflict with the Android OS."

@user1515303135223 are you developing on Strava or are you using it? Please let me / us know if you get any updates.

Not developing anything, just a Strava end user.
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