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Faulty 3.5 mm jack !! 

Hey everyone, Today I brought 7 plus from ,Local store, when plugged in the stock earphones , sound quality was very bad, then I plugged another earphones (audio technica) and Sony , all earphone's sound quality were really bad, the pins doesn't get properly inserted into 3.5 mm jack ,I even tried to use slight force to properly insert the loose pin but I guess my unit has a faulty /loose 3.5mm jack , does anyone else is facing similar issues ?? Please suggest me what should I do? I am really disappointed with this issue .

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On the contrary, are you sure that the jack is not in fact too tight? And the plug does not fully enter? Try with another earphone jack until you can feel the click when inserted. It needed some force on my phone, but after a while the jack loosened and now it is better.

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Hi, I though that my 3.5 Jack was also faulty because the earphones do not fit well. It seems that the jack is a little hard, you need to push with force the first 10 times and it gets smoother. Good look and sorry for my English.

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I've tried pushing the jack in as hard as I can but it kind of springs out a bit. Sound quality is fine but the jack falls out of the socket at the slightest tug

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I have same issue
I know some user have a faulty headphone jack as well.
Facing the same issue headphones do not get properly inserted in jack & thus not only sound quality is poor but a constant buzzing sound can be felt in background

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