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How can i revert my OS from oreo back to Nougat

Hi, i recently updated my Nokia 3 from Nougat to Oreo. And after updating my phone, when i apply filter on Snapchat app it gets stuck there. I want to get back to Nougat because of this problem. Help me please!

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Hi,I'm also experiencing this Issue there's no solution for this till now.I asked support and they said they would solve this in the next update.Hope they fix this.This issue is only for Nokia 3 users.And there are some ways to downgrade but I don't know how search the web for that.:-)
If you have PC,you can watch on yt how to downgrade from Oreo to Nougat!

Before downgrading how about trying a factory reset or at the very least reinstalling Snapchat?

@terminusaquo It didn't work.
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