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I am here by giving you NOKIA few suggestions you must take care of your product... I strongly believe it's a brand to be recognized by its products.The NOKIA is one of the brand that has done that previously and currently.When Microsoft bought Nokia, Windows operating platform it changed all the look and styling and also the brand name Nokia by Microsoft.Now it has come back with a bang to the Android platform new and improved look and design.I am strong believer of miracles and that changed my life,like that the company HMD global has bring back the Nokia brand and it's products.I believe in the brand I strongly recommend this particular company and its product to my friends and family. Here are some of the dislikes made from me and my friends and family discussed in a particular product.(Nokia 6) *The design has changed to its new form. That is finger print sensor is now on the backside of the phone as all other phones on the market.Please may this change lead to unrecognized by the Nokia. As the previous one Nokia 6 had on its front side that is even didn't noticed by my friend's while checking my new phone.They said wow incredible. It's a new approach I liked it. I got so many compliments on that particular feature. *The another thing I wanted to say is please don't put the Home button on the screen.So many have complained me that it reduces the space on the screen and also it not likely to that look of the phones. *Build quality please don't reduce it to plastic.This is seen on Nokia 5.The phone with that spec and the product that change life of the individuals who uses it . These are my suggestion viewed by me,my friend's,and my family.Because we are using Nokia till it's born.We are now currently using Nokia Android phones.So I think you kindly accept my suggestion to your product. I believe the Nokia is about Connecting people and the trust you have made since these so far.So I will recommend it to Everyone else I care about and on. So hope you consider my discussion made so far and apply it to coming batch. Waiting to see your new launches and new products. By A Strong Believer of Nokia

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