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FM radio tuner bad quality

Hello. I recently bought the new Nokia 6.1 after 8 months having the Nokia 6 2017. One very annoying thing that I am experiencing is the FM tuner reception quality. In the same places, with the same handsfree, I get worst reception quality with distortion. No very worst but enough to notice the difference and become annoying in some cases. I have tried all the possible solution that technical support has proposed to me but issue has not be fixed. I believe that a SW fix is needed to fix this. So please HMD provide a solution

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Just to update that I also tried using the FM radio while the device was in safe mode, per instructions from the support team. This also didn't helped....they told me that issue will be escalated to relevant team. Let's see...
Same here. My Wife has the 6. The tuner has no problem. II have the 6.1 and the tuner is bad. That bad I took it back to Carphone warehouse for an exchange. The replacement is the same.

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Good to know that other users are experiencing the same issue as it proves that it is either a SW bug (hopefully) or a HW issue (hopefully this is not the case) that affects all the units. Hopefully it will be fixed with a SW update. On the other hand, for being fair with HMD, I must admit that the loudness level of volume via the headphones is very very improved in contrast to original Nokia 6 2017. Now I just cannot stand putting the volume on highest level. With original Nokia 6 situation was terrible as I could not listen well in loudy environments.

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