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Can Nokia 1 reach my expectations smoothly without any hang?

I placed order for Nokia 1 after viewing official advertisement. But, after viewing online reviews in many website, I think it will hang frequently. What can I do? If its performance will be poor, Can I back that to Nokia? My expectations are: the pone is running smoothly on running Youtube videos, Whatsapp, facebook, gmail, tweeter, 8-10 govt. apps, visit websites via google , video recordings. Can Nokia 1 be reach my expectation as stated earlier smoothly without hanging?
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Tech Wizard

If your going to be switching between so many applications, It is advisible to buy Smartphones with Higher memory capacity and not expect a phone with 1GB RAM to function smoothly. Devices slow down after using it for a year or so. Hopefully the Oreo 8.1 Go edition works as advertised by google.

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