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Wifi speed issues

So the maximum speed which I'm getting on my nokia 7 plus is about 44 Mbps on app. At the same time my laptop gets 90Mbps (which is what the speed should be). I am using the same server and the tests are being carried out in equivalent conditions. Also just in general over wifi networks I seem to be getting lower speeds than I should. Is this a software bug? Or is it a hardware issue? Also is it specific to my device or the phone in general?

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yes facing same issues the whole software is bugged like really needs to push an update so that these kind of issues get fixed.

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Okay can some more peoole confirm if they are having these issues cause even after 8.1.0 update I am still getting ~35Mbps while my other devices are receiving ~90Mbps on the same network.

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Facing the same problem :( , is there any solution?
I also facing same problem.......& have a wifi problem just with Twitter and sonyliv app. With wifi doesn't work, with 3G/4G are working. I don't know why, I hope a fix for this bug...............
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