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I am experiencing 'Crackling/Popping' sound on wireless bluetooth earphone when music playback

I just bought new Nokia 7 plus. 

I am pretty satisfied with the product, but the wireless music play is awful. 

it is producing crackling sound, and its noticeable, having very bad experience.

Though using equalizer i have suppressed that. 

But its very upsetting for me. I talked to customer service they said to use Nokia originals. and its not feasible you see. 

My earphones are good, i am using it since 8 months, on pc and used with several other devices. 

Please test this on other wireless Bluetooth audio device, do let me know. 

I have restarted my device several times, but no hope.

If someone have solution to this please let me know.

I hope Nokia would fix this as soon as possible.

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I have the same problem

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Having same issue with my earphones it's like crackling electronic sound
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