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Ringtone volume issue

Hello, I am having a problem with the volume of my ringtones, it has been set to max and is still very very quiet, I can barely hear it ring. The media volume seems to be ok, as well as the alarm. Do you have any reccomendations please? Thanks in advance!

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Hello! I have the same probem. Restore your phone and it may be delete the problem.

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Same here, just noticed it after April update.

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Just turn off the Dolby sound in settings to sort out this problem. I think it helps.

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Turning off Dolby sound is not a proper solution. Bt it seems to be occur in between 7:30pm to 10:15pm. Although I solve this by restarting the device but it's not a permanent solution. HMD should provide a solution.

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after April update i have same probleme.

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Hello, I too have the same pbm y v shd off dobly sound if it so y dey added this feature to d phone pls say d permanent solution for dis....after may security patch update also it didn't resolving the bug nly dey r giving update every month bt I think dey r not ready solve dis issue.....
Hello. I have the same problem with ringtone and alarm. If i restart the phone it is ok for a while and then the same.
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