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Battery high temperature warning message

Dear Nokia customers and users. Today I noticed a big problem with my brand new Nokia 7 Plus. While Im in a phone call and charging my phone at same time. I'm getting battery overheating messages from the android system. It disables the charger and re-enables it after a few seconds. The it repeats after a very short time. I didnt have anything extra running in the background. I hope that there is a solution or i will return my phone to the market. //Advan

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I had the same problem, try charging your phone when it is off , I guess we have to wait for a software update for this , btw my device is still on 8.0 version 

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That seems to be a protection feature which turns off charging when temperature gets high. Not the phone temperature but the battery temperature. This can happen when talking while charging the phone. I too had this. Nothing to worry about.

Im still running android 8.0. I live in Sweden. Its not a big deal but it should be fixable with updates hopefully. I will try to not complain to much for its price. 

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