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Battery high temperature warning message

Dear Nokia customers and users. Today I noticed a big problem with my brand new Nokia 7 Plus. While Im in a phone call and charging my phone at same time. I'm getting battery overheating messages from the android system. It disables the charger and re-enables it after a few seconds. The it repeats after a very short time. I didnt have anything extra running in the background. I hope that there is a solution or i will return my phone to the market. //Advan

I had the same problem, try charging your phone when it is off , I guess we have to wait for a software update for this , btw my device is still on 8.0 version 
That seems to be a protection feature which turns off charging when temperature gets high. Not the phone temperature but the battery temperature. This can happen when talking while charging the phone. I too had this. Nothing to worry about.

Im still running android 8.0. I live in Sweden. Its not a big deal but it should be fixable with updates hopefully. I will try to not complain to much for its price. 

I have same problem. Every time while charging battery %ge reaches to 76%-77% it is showing high temperature charging limit reached. After reaching to 79% battery it becomes normal. That's a software problem. HMD kindly look at this.

im facing the same issue :(

First of all it is advised and recommended by all to not call when the phone is on charge. 1.it will take more power and if simultaneously charging will make it hot. 2.there is a risk of your damaging hearing as the radiations levels are higher when charging and calling ,I can confirm been using this phone for the last 2 weeks there is no heating whatsoever,if you are facing heating issues try and factory reset the phone once by using the volume up and power keys combination,it will help
If the phone over heats it will switch itself off till it cools down,unless you forcibly want to start and use

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I am facing the same issue with my Nokia 6.1. The same message popped up when the phone was put on charging. It was being charged using the Nokia provided charger.

Has anyone god any update on this issue from Nokia customer care?

With all the new about phone blowing up, I am a bit worried.

high temprature message menas its based on so many factors so silly to see threads like this its upto your common sense." lets assume if a person is running while running he is drinking water at that time can he run properly" 

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