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Pro Camera Update

Dear HMD GLOBAL, it's been a while since you launched Nokia 6 into the market and it has got a great response. Trust me, I'm a Nokia 6 matte black owner and it's so good with everything. But then, all the Nokia 6 owners got to know the information about the new Nokia 6 being ready to be launched which you showcased at the global summit along with Nokia 7 plus and Nokia 8 Sirrocco. The new Nokia 6.1 comes with a pro camera mode which was missed out on the Nokia 6. So on behalf of all the Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 owners, I request you to provide the pro camera update to the devices we own so that it would be a fair deal.

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Bro.. I think it impossible us us Nokia 6 2017 to get pro camera as the pro camera only for zies optic lens. That is as far I know.

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