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Android Oreo 8.1 update

Brought the Nokia 7 plus yesterday, I heard that Android 8.1 was released in India. Still did not get it? When will I get the Android 8.1 update?

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Same here :(

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same problem here as well :(

I too haven't received any update even my phone's battery went down when I switched off my mobile. It came down to 0% from 96% . Heating issue and even local service centre isnnot compromising
Same here in the Netherlands. Oreo 8.0.0 with February security patch. It seems this only is on the TA-1046 model. I hope Nokia will deliver 8.1 soon, otherwise there's no point in advertising Android One......

 same here. Mine has a oreo 8.0 feb 2018 patch and says that no new update available.

I purchased the handset from reliance digital on 4th may and till now i didn't got an update.
Same here

I have a solution to get 8.1 and the security patch update. Please follow below steps.

1) Do a network settings reset from settings- system- reset - network settings reset- done

2)Then, do reset to the access point to default in settings- network and internet - mobile networks - access points names- 3 vertical dots- reset to default- done

3)then force restart the device by pressing volume up key and power key button for 20 sec then device will vibrate 3 times and will restart. Let it start and when connected to internet,it'll show you 8.1 update.

Above steps were provided to me for enabling volte but instead they were successful in showing the 8.1 update in my case. Try it out.

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