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Very frequent background app redraws

So I'd it just me or does the Nokia 8 seem to close and redraw apps in the background very frequently? Normally a phone should be able to keep a few apps in the background without the app needing to redraw but the Nokia 8 seems to barely be able to keep 2 apps, with 4GB of RAM? Even switching from Twitter to Chrome and back to Twitter will end up redrawing Twitter (this happens with basically any combination of apps). This should not be happening on a phone with 4GB of RAM.

yes..me too although up to 4gb ram
So, while I was noticing that apps never stay in RAm, I noticed another issue. Every time I tried to do something in the camera app, like zooming, the app would freeze and eventually make the phone really slow. Switching out of the app was extremely slow and the OS in general was extremely slow. I Googled to see if this was a common issue with a Nokia 8 and found some post saying that clearing the camera app cache fixes it. So I restarted the phone, since it was super sluggish and the camera app kept saying that it could find the camera, and then cleared the camera's cache. The restart fixed the sluggish phone, as expected and clearing the cam app cache has fixed the app from crashing, so far at least. The other thing that it has fixed, and why I'm replying in my thread, is that background apps are now staying in RAM. There are much less app refreshes compared to before. Now, my thought is that IIT was not the restart that fixed this since I had previously tried many restarts to try fix the app refresh issue. The only thing that I have done differently this time was clearing the camera cache. So I wonder, was there a memory leak in the camera app that was causing both the cam app to crash, doing simple task, as well as causing the background apps to not stay in RAM.
My problem is not the camera, after 4 months of using my Nokia 8 down the logo on the back, the power button is jammed and the screen suffers burn in, disappointed

Tech Wizard

"... does the Nokia 8 seem to close and redraw apps in the background very frequently?"

In newer Android versions, background apps has to do something useful, else it will be suspended. How the app behaves when reactivated is for the app developer to decide.
Apps targeted for older Android versions can currently be kept active by for example displaying a notification. SportsTracker does this when tracking, but is suspended when it is not tracking. (Developers may have to rethink such workarounds to be Android P compatible).
- The idea is that the user can push the back or home button without having to close the app when finished using it. The operating system decides what to keep running, and what is suspended and cached over the next minutes, hours and days.
It's still partly experimental, like everything else in Android...

For nerdy reference:

The behaviour of my Nokia 8 was very shaky at first, after having restored a backup from a Nokia 6. It's stable (for two months and counting) at Android 8.1 after doing a fresh set up without restoring a backup, and without automatic install of third-party apps.
- I blame Android's backup/restore routines, not the phone.


If you read my second, longer post you will see that the issue I had is not typical Oreo background management.

Opening just 2 apps and switching from one to the other and then back again would cause the app to refresh, no matter the app.

This was not normal Oreo behaviour. The apps weren't being kept in memory whatsoever until I reset the camera app, which fixed the issue. Now I can have 4-5 apps open in the background and go back to them in a reasonable amount of time without them being refreshed.

Tech Wizard

I blame Android's backup/restore routines as the root cause for the camera app misbehaving in the first place.
Other things affected by the update and restore process may be missed calls, alarms and calendar alerts, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS turning itself off, notification banners not appearing, music and tracking apps closing itself etc.

Just in my opinion, and for what it is worth.

I use the Nokia 8 HMD camera app on an everyday basis without any background app management issues occurring (and without the camera issues reported by others) so something else must be the culprit?


Believe me, I was surprised by the fix. The reason I cleared the cache guy the cam app was because of another issue initially. My cam app kept crashing, while doing the simplest of things (zooming, pressing UI), or freezing the entire device and even to the point where the cam app was saying that it couldn't detect the camera hardware. Restarting the phone had no effect either. So I Googled and found people saying to clear the cache for the cam, lo and behold it fixed the camera app and inadvertently fixed apps refreshing in the background. So from that, all I can take away from the experience is that the cam app was causing an issue somehow. Either way, I'm just happy that I managed to fix the issue.

Tech Wizard

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.

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