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Google lens integration

Will the nokia 7 plus have google lens integration? Its a great thing that google has brought out. I hope it come quickly or else what a shame!!!

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Google hasn't brought this phone. Nokia(HMD) has. Google lens integration is upto Google.
Then how come oneplus and samsung flagship have have google lens integration. Don't misdtate facts.
I would suggest you to better read about what Google lens is and in which particular apps it is available. "On March 5, 2018 Google officially released Google Lens to Google Photos on non-Pixel phones. Support for Lens in the iOS version of Google Photos was made on March 15, 2018." This piece was on Wikipedia about Google lens. It seems to be a staged rollout. Samsung's flagships got it and now, Oneplus phones are getting it. This indicates that it's a staged rollout. Now, whether Samsung or Oneplus told Google to give lens feature to their phones or Google on its own decided to do so is unknown. And right now, it's only available in English. Also,check this lino Google says it will roll out to more compatible flagships. Now, who decides that is unknown.
Being said all that, there is a chance that even Nokia 7 plus would get it. My point from the begining.

In google photos, lens is already there.. but i need lens feature in google assistant.. pls add it !

I meant the same!!!

I prefer to go for Google beta in Play store you could see the google lens icon in assistant screen,

At the Google i/o 2018, Google did say that some OEM's will bring lens into their camera app and Nokia's name was mentioned there.
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