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Battery drain too much.

from the last few days i am noticing that my battery is draing to much without even using the phone, last nignt i left my phone at 35% around 11pm next morning when i wake up at 7 my phone was switched off bcoz of 0% battery. what should i do?

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That shouldn't happen. Are you 8.0?

@Puneet no i got 8.1 out of the box,
and my data/wifi was off, no other apps were running.
and i had a alarm set at 6 in the morning that didn't rang as well means phone was dead way before.

Check in the battery section as to which apps used the battery most. It will give you an idea about rogue apps.

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Yeah same here. I got the mob yesterday. The battery is draining very fast. Around 4 hours screen on time. I thought its cause of downloading tons of apps on wifi. But its on its third charge cycle now. And battery is still draining fast. Pubg one 20 min match took 15% battery. In the settings it says google assistant is also taking battery way too fast. Ill update the situation in a couple of days. If the problem persists id have to return the handset.
Off Nfc and printing services as it will on by default
Try greenify from the Google play store to stop apps you don't want to run in the background. I've always used this app and I don't lose much battery
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