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Didn't receive April Security Patch

Did you get the April Android Security patch on your Nokia 2? If yes, What is the model number of your Nokia 2? I have a Nokia 2 TA-1011 but it is still on March Security patch and I am unable to update it to the latest update. 

As per HMD/Nokia, Nokia 2 has received the update.

Any suggestions on how I can receive the update?

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model no. ta-1011. i also did not get april update.
Have you got the update now?
Is there any way to get the update??? #stuck@march

Still stuck on March Security patch. I contacted support and they said I'll have to visit the nearest Nokia Mobile Care center.

I have may patch below details of My Nokia 2 Build No 00WW_0_64D_SP02 Model TA-1011 May 2018 Security Patch.
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