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Request for official Google Camera support.

We all know NOKIA camera app has a long way to go with improvements.

We have seen multiple threads on multiple forums showing that Google Camera app is far better than NOKIA camera app. I do know NOKIA camera app is still in development and has time to improve.

Just a humble request from a NOKIA fan for official Google Camera support for ZEISS branded NOKIA's.

I know you guys can make this happen. If you guys can make Android One program on NOKIA happen, then you can bring Google Camera to NOKIA's.

It's just that Google Camera's processing is way ahead of NOKIA camera. Google Camera is properly using the hardware to its full potential.

Last but not the least. I would also like to request RAW support for NOKIA camera app.

It would really help amateur photographers like me to do post processing myself.

I am totally in love with my NOKIA 7 Plus. I just don't want the software to cripple the awesome hardware that it is having.

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Google camera app is an in house property of Google and they use it only for Pixel lineup. One of the main reasons people go for pixels is because of the stellar camera experience and Google won't ever give that access to any other company.

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That is true. But NOKIA can at the least provide RAW support.

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You do realise that switching to Google camera as the official camera app, Nokia will abandon it's own camera app, leaving with not even the option to install it like you can with the gcam. Most importantly, without the Nokia camera app, you won't have proof mode & no manual focus

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