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Over heating

I'm using Nokia 7 plus since 30th April 2018. I'm pretty much happy with its performance, battery backup and almost everything else. But I've noticed that, my device getting highly heated up especially while on charging. Otherwise, it only heats up while I stream videos on youtube or similar sites. What I could make out was that this is a software issue. I did already report it via support chat. Now it even showed warning messages of over heating. While I checked it was showing 44°C on the Nokia Support app. Nokia please look into this matter asap.

Just charging while using phone shouldn't heat up the device so much. I got that notification once while I was over a call and charging the phone simultaneously. Phone getting warm while streaming videos or capturing videos or while charging is normal until it starts showing up overhearing messages.
I'm getting the heating notification while charging when the charge levels are around 70-80 percent. Temp is around 43-44C. It's really annoying cause it happens several times, and you will often mistake it as message notifs. Hopefully Nokia will push an update for it.

The heating will be high when the battery is charging from 0-60%. As this is a fast charging mode.

Though overheating can impact the phone hardware life.

I too faced the same issue initially , but it is not heating much now. I charge my phone by keeping upside down and dont use it whicle charhing. This controls the heat upto a good extent.

I am also facing the same problem as you are! My phone is heating as a pan on gas. This is very frustrating,irritating and can harm our devices. Nokia must do something about this. Please!
Anything below 45 degree is normal. If you're gaming or streaming videos, the phone will warm up. Also, the phone will warm up on charging the device. Fast charging does that.
I sent Nokia an email regarding the same. They sent me generic precautionary measures. They also say that as long the device monitor says the temperature is ok, it should be fine. But still not a pleasant feeling when one touches the phone.

I'm also facing the same issue. 

Nokia please help! I spent 26000 rupees on this phone and I am not able to do any gaming. Today I was playing PUBG Mobile and the phone's temperature was 49 degrees after 15 minutes of play and I was not playing at high graphic settings.It was set as Balanced and frame rate was set to low. Nokia This is how you made this shitty phone. One can't game for just 15 minutes on it. Even the Redmi Note 5 Pro doesn't heat this much which is priced at 15k. What are you doing Nokia?Shitty Robbers. You must recall all the phones and give our hard earned money back. We all are facing the same issues.
@user1525929025488 I usually play 2hrs everytime if i open game, on balanced & high frame rate, It never overheats. Max temp is 41°C always runs between 38-40°C. It's a mini gaming beast, might be problem with your device or with your brain, nobody is facing any heating issues in 7+ except during charging that too solved after may update.

@user1525929025488 I don't think you are a Nokia 7+ user, I play ping at high graphics for hours and my phone never overheats. So I don't know where I got this from, kindly confirm if it's original or a clone.

I've been using nokia 7 plus for the past 3 months and everything was fine until last week.For the past one week the battery is draining out very quickly and the mobile gets overheated while charging or even while usage. I have done a reboot but still the issue persists

@user1541594751813: Yes, issue does persists. Hope Nokia team will work on it on their next update. For the time being, I would suggest you to force stop all the unused apps by going to the settings menu. You may also clear the cache of all apps. Set your brightness manually. Also, you can install "Files Go" app by google to clear the junk files. These steps should give some better results. Also, it is adviceable not to use your phone while charging as it could effect the battery life and is even dangerous to do so.

@hinu007: thank u sir.. i will try doing that..

Same here...what to do??
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