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Aus OTA updates

has anyone in australia got an update, any update beyond 1 jan 2018 7.1.2 from any carrier that is NOT vodafone?.

i have tried just about every trick except changing my carrier, if i wanted a phone tied to vodafone i would have bought one.

nokia say to "wait for the update" well i have been waiting patiently since january for a update, any update and after 4 months i have decided to now ask. if nokia can't deliver the updates they promised at the beginning maybe they shouldn't have said so.

maybe nokia could setup a webpage somewhere that stated what updates where available in what country so that irate CUSTOMERS wouldn't keep on asking for updates that aren't yet available.

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It shouldn't be.I have the right to update the same device I use in other countries.For example, I am using Nokia 6 (2017).the reason I was getting this device mainly was because it was going to get updates.The issue of updating should not change according to the countries.I don't have the April security patch right now, and it's frustrating.because you can't get what you're waiting for.

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