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New Bugs reporting (Audio & UI)


Following bugs are experienced in last 48 hours.

1. The audio stops for some of the notifications automatically after some hours of operation. Even the finger unlock sound stops coming. Only haptic feedback coming. After restarting the phone, it again works fine. Please check this bug.

2. The quick switch between last 2 apps has UI lag. The transition is not smooth. please smoothen the transitions.


Yeah, the lag when double tapping the recents button is pretty evident. I hope Nokia would fix this in next update.

Hi All,

after Listening audio for around 20mins , the back portion surrounding camera area is getting warm...on checking it has become clear that the temperature is rising from 36 to 40 degrees...is it normal.... has anyone faced the same issue?

Hi ... If u r listening in Jio music.. that app has optimizaion issue . Heats up most of the mobiles.. when i use google play music.. no heating ovserved.. in fact in last 4 days, even on heavy usage outdoor the temp never crossed 40 deg.. in yr case it seems its an app optimization issue ..

that is not known to me....btw I am using google play music.....and heating issue is arising while listening through Google play music......just faced this issue again temperature rises from 34 to 39......and back portion is really getting hot......don't know what is the issue.

Anything below 45 is not hot... 39 to 40 is normal if you are using a LTE network with continuous buffering.. it seems its an app optimization issue..try some different music app to cross check..

ok......here is the situation.......using Google music player for listening music ......not at all using either wifi or LTE..... songs are already stored in my mobile.....just listening them casually.....hence no buffering. is that now normal?

frame stuttering is really annoying issue. Puer android is not supposed to be like this.

Any temperature below 40 deg c is absolutely OK. But yes try using different music app if you feel google music is consuming more battery.. 

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