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Things that bothers me on Nokia phones

I'm using Nokia phones since the latest days of Symbian OS and I'm very pleased to see that Nokia doing fine with Android. But there are some flaws on the new phones. First none of them has stereo speaker except the Nokia 6 for me having stereo speaker is a top priority all premium mid range and high end models should be having stereo speakers. (1 stereo for budget models 2 or 3 for premium flagship models) Second all of the new models except for Nokia 8 sirocco stuck with the LCD screen; they are so obsolete, they are pretty wasteful on battery life, for me all models that coming with stereo speaker should have amoled display. One another thing camera on the new Nokia phones are not that good; not as good as the old models; each new Nokia model shows how bad the older models are (see Nokia 8 vs 8 sirocco) so please use a better sensor and software. And finally there are some bad sides of pure Android, yes it's fast it's nice but it's so so empty; there's no good music player no video player, gallery app is so untidy, and there's no good picture editing program, please add these 4 (just 4, I don't think that they would slow down the phones) 1 a simple gallery app 2 music and video player (similar to media hub of windows phone 8) 3 Nokia photo editing program (similar to Nokia creative studio) 4 Nokia sleeping screen

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All great suggestions which I fully agree with! :)

Hear that Nokia community hero agrees with me :D No answer, seriously sometimes I feel like I am writing these suggestions to a wall on my street, not to the official Nokia support forum. We are supporting you (us, those who cranky people used Nokia models for years, :D) But R&D team following the new trends like fans of a teenage pop star.

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I know how you feel. However, I'm sure that HMD are reading these suggestions and that's the main thing. We can't expect them to reply to everything - it would take all their time and then they wouldn't make any phones!

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