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May security updates...

Why May security update is not out till now?Nokia promised to get any android update as soon as available because nokia 7 + is a android one device.But it's not happening in real.

Google just released it for their devices. How is Nokia supposed to update before Google does. Have patience it will come.

May security updates?

In Ireland/UK we did not get yet the April updates.

We are stuck to February security patch and Android 8.0

Really? I picked up the phone here in Sweden like 2 weeks ago and it updated to 8.1 directly with April security patch. I have the Android One version, but if you are in the UK/Ireland I would guess you do to.

same here,stuck on  February security patch and Android 8.0

Same here. Waiting for the may security update to bring with it some fixes and optimisations.

May security update? Please, I'm stuck (like a lot of people) to the february patch ¬_¬

Nokia official statement : "Please note that the quoted release dates refer to the live releases for the first approved markets. In general, the release may take several days to reach all consumers within an approved market". (source : https://www.nokia.com/en_int/phones/security-updates)

Several days? More like several weeks (for now)

 Hi Puneet, Could you please check if your Nokia 7 plus supports Vodafone India VoLTE. It is not working in my case while Jio is fine.

Unfortunely, my area doesn't have volte services of Vodafone and so, I can't test it.
Nokia 7 plus indian unit got the April update and I updated and I'm waiting for may......can any having an issue of automatically answering rejecting incoming calls while the mobile in pocket???
I am literally shocked to see so many bugs in a stock Android device. It almost feels like a test product to me.
So, no update yet for the month of may.

Today Nokia 5 & 6(2018) got May security updates, came to know through twitter,

Any kind of update at all would be encouraging. At the moment my 'Pure, Secure and up to date', Android One running Nokia 7 Plus is 1 Android version behind the latest and 3 months (1 whole yearly quarter) behind on security. Not quite so Secure and up to date it would seem eh HMD? It's also so full of bugs that it could at best be considered beta firmware!

Nokia is much ahead in giving regular updates to android one devices compared to other vendors.

Infact there updates are more bugfree if you compare with other vendors. Have patience and check the update history of nonkia. You will notice that most of the updates are almost out by 15 of each month.

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