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Bugs need to Fix it please

Hi I was actually replace this phone with OnePlus 5t. I'm totally disappointed with audio from earphones and front camera. The audio from earphones is very low and and it's not satisfactory. And please fix camera issues. I'm expecting so much from Nokia.. Please fix the issues. Request you to make music player and gallery applications in playstore.
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The audio from earphones is sufficiently loud and clear. There's an equalizer too. Remember to turn it on. It needs to be turned for every music player you use. Unfortunely, the Jio music and Gaana app (haven't tested other music streaming apps) don't support the device equalizer. Also, remember to push the headphone a bit hard into the jack as the jack is quite stiff. Camera performance is above average and it should be improved. Hope, future updates will improve that. Regarding the music player and gallery apps, I don't think Nokia will make them because there are already tons of them on playstore. Also, because the Android one branding stops OEM's from adding unnecessary features.
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