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Refund for online order # 5075

Hi, Does anyone know about refund process for online orders? Ordered Nokia 6.1 on 24th April; money got debited from my bank account same day. After waiting for delivery for 4 business days, no sign of delivery of phone and no update on dispatch date. Hence phoned call centre & they could not provide any update. Hence emailed them to cancel order as discussed on phone call. After 2 weeks (since placing the order), there is no sign of refund and also no sign of handset delivery & no sign of any update. Every email gets same response that "we are looking into this". When phoned answer is "we do not have any update". So my money is stuck. Is there any other way to contact these people & how to get my money back? Online chat option is not working. If anyone knows about how to get refund successfully, please let me know. Thanks.

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If you really think you've tried every way to contact HMD/Nokia then unfortunately the next step is to contact your bank or payment card company and explain the problem to them.

Thanks for your response. I am still not getting any confirm answer from Nokia Support team. "We are looking into it" is the only answer that I receive very time. If the payment was made by myself using internet banking, why will bank entertain my request? Just asking as I am not sure, how to approach bank?

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If you paid by bank transfer then you need to speak to your bank. I don't know who your bank is, but you could start by calling them.

Have you had any success getting your refund?

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Hi, I finally got full refund after about 1.5 Months

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