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Screen issue

I got the device in india from amazon and today i found an issue that is the display have blue colour on top but little yellowish on bottom. I thought its my eye but its really there. So should i replace or return the device? Its been 2 days only i got the device. N also it came 8.1 oreo out of the box so is it okay?.. Or should i wait for software update..

See my early topic also.
Have it replaced. The display should not be like that. Most likely QA issue.

Most of the users are facing this issue. Infact in china almost all users have this problem.

I too noticed this in my phone after carefully observing the screen. I pre-ordered from nokia website.

Maybe if you look closely, the display might have another problem where the brightness varies subtly on scrolling or tapping on the screen minutely. This can be seen when the brightness is lower than 20 percent. The auto brightness isn't on yet the brightness doesn't remain constant.
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