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Flickering display

The display flickers sometimes on low brightness while typing on keyboard. Please look into this issue.

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Hi, I just tested your issue on my phone,  and did not get fliker. Send it backt to Nokia

It's not a flicker as such. It's a brightness issue and I feel it's software issue.

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I'm also facing this issu on YouTube app.

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Do tell about this issue to Nokia care through call or chat. This issue happens everywhere though. Also did you try factory reset after updating to 8.1?

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I have the same problem.
Facing the same issues, hope Nokia listens and solves the issue via its soon
I have Also same problem... I was typing or seen YouTube .... In low brightness .. (5 to 10)
Even I have this issue. While typing(not sliding finger on keyboard) fast in low brightness, the screen appears like it's flickering. Is this a common issue? How to solve this issue?
Complain about this to Nokia customer support through chat so that they know about this issue and forward it to their development team.

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I did that. They just sent me a message asking me to do few things like clearing cache, resetting, etc.
If you sent an email to them, they will reply like that. Talk to them on chat and say that you did everything as told but nothing solved the issue. Also, tell them that there's no hardware defect in the device and you never dropped it. So, this is a software issue from their side and tell them to push it forward to development team.

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Hi guys, try to turn off function adaptive brightness. Maybe that can help you.
Adaptive brightness isn't on.
Sure bro, Puneet. Even when the adaptive brightness is on, this problem should not occur.
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