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Google cam app link please

Based on lot of reviews in our forum I decided to use Google cam, finally my hopes on Nokia pro camera doesn't meet expectations because Nokia 8 SIROCCO already have pro camera but lot of reviews Saying some time camera dropping badly...heart broken I'm sure even pro camera release for Nokia 8 also doesn't great.... anyone please share Google camera app.... actually I tried alot not to use any app other than Nokia camera app but lot of beautiful memories missed.... please share a link how to use Google camera

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Thanks MrBetler for sharing this, shame of you Nokia, you didn't care about your old customers who already bought your devices and support you to re-born in markets. you mostly keep focusing on upcoming customers by holding the features to your old existing customers... Even if you provide pro camera too you never deserve for respect... It's already very late....I already crossed half life year warranty where I missed ... Do one thing idiots once you release Pro camera recharge my warranty life....we didn't buy you feature phone or mid range....we invest lot of amount still not enjoy main features of your advertising, when you bringing Nokia 8 in markets
You're right bro, even they will make a grand announcement for the release of pro camera for nokia 8. It would not be that great compared to what google cam can do. Google cam show us how it feels to have a 16mp lens. Its too late for your update, I already disabled your cam app long time ago.
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