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Problem bluetooth connect with Soundbar LG SH5

I had Nokia 7 Plus with android 8.1.0 But can't connect Bluetooth with LG Soundbar SH5. But the other phone (Huawei, Samsung) can connect to the Soundbar.

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Mahn i have this exact sound bar and same problem aswell. Lets get back to this post if we figure it out

Hi Man

I mentioned I would come back if I learnt something.

So after updating my Nokia 7 plus with the Android Developer Preview 4 beta3 (the latest at the time of posting this). My phone connected to the LG soundbar SH5 perfectly with volume controls and everything. It even solved my bluetooth issues I was having with my cars media navigator.

So give it a try if you want, it seems to be nice and stable for me. I got the OTA after joining the developer program.

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