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NFC not working

I bought the new Nokia 7 Plus yesterday and found the Android beam through NFC not working with other Google phone like Nexus 5. It randomly works with other Nokia phones. Please fix it on priority.

I tried with a NFC tag and the phone did not detect it.

Me too

I have just purchased this phone and was surprised that NFC did not work and would not allow connection to old Sony Z3C. Also tried Samsung S8.  I have since tried other NFC devices and today attempted Google Pay. Nothing.
From reading other posts the sensor is assumed to be below the camera, but the Nokia manual is lacking in any explanation. This is running android 8.0.0 build 00WW_1_32E.

I noted a problem with mine. The actual sensor seems very limited in range. The sensitive part is just to the left of the camera, when you're looking at the back of the phone.

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Pay pas (nfc) not working too. Blyat(
I have just confirmed that the sensor is to the left of the camera lenses as you look at the rear of the phone. It has started to work consistently, so tomorrow I'll test the Google Pay. Other phones detect NFC pretty quick, this is definitely a hold and wait for the NFC.

I have confirmed that Google Pay worked today. But the large phone size and specific location of the NFC to the left of the camera lens (so, behind the Nokia logo on the front) makes the transaction difficult, unless you're left handed. I had to hold my phone at about 210 degrees. In the UK, the chip and pin machines tend to be to the right of self service checkouts, meaning you can't hold the phone to the left of it. It took about 3-4 seconds for the device to register payment.

I'd say the range is VERY limited, contact must be made. I presume this is a security measure so that NFC can't be used through a pocket or a bag.

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