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poor order information system

customer support is just for show off. no response for mail, no contact by toll free number, chatting is already closed. how can someone know about the order status. even after 24 hours there is no update of shipment. I regret of my choice to order a phone from this website instead of amazon

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Same here.

I am also feeling bad after ordering from of amazon. They are shipping the product via Delhivery pvt ltd courier, which is very slow (not updating the shipment status) and irresponsive.. I am also trying to contact DELHIVERY customer care but they are not replying to any single mail ...which is very disappointed. ....if it is not delivered at time i also think of return the product ...

I ordered the phone today and there is no update about shipment number or anything. The only reason i brought from here is the fact that on Amazon it is out of stock. And to be honest i am disappointed with the service.

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 Seriously .. I also ordered from the website since amazon was out of stock .. moreover I have made the payment also so I have no other option rather than waiting for them to update me with the shipment details ..

Nokia needs to work on their website as its showing the least possible information one may not imagine .. :(

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I had pre-ordered my phone from the website. It got delivered before the expected delivery date.
In how many days it was delivered?
It was delivered to me in 3 days.....that too i live in assam.....where amazon usually takes 7-10 days to deliver

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Wow... That is pretty surprising .. In my case I have ordered yesterday .. Till date nothing has been received from nokia ... Fingers crossed 
I think so its the problem with the courier service not Nokia. Anyways u can also check the status of delivery in the website
But in order to track the shipment one must have the shipment number which I didn't get till now ...
U can get it from nokia.....use their online chat support in the nokia website.....ask dem to give your awd no.

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Will chat with support today .. Lets see what I get .. Anyways howz your phone running ... ?
Its going awesome.....although i have been reading about complaints in tye forum but i haven't experienced any such problems.......the phone does not lag, camera quality is good, battery took 2 days to optimise and the output has been phenomenal, all in all a very good phone at Rs.23400

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Nice ...enjoy ! Will update as soon as I get the shipment details ..
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