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I feel i am cheated by Nokia company

I placed an order for Nokia 1 on number 2911) on 04-04-2018 and the product is delivered to me on 12-04-2018. I used the phone for seven days and at the 8th day phone become dead. same day i login in . there is an option to return the product. i did that. next day i got an email, describing some troubleshooting steps and they stated that if the troubleshooting fail, they will replace the product. Troubleshooting did not worked and i replied to but i didnt got any replay. then i called toll free number. they said that they shall replace the product and they asked me to give the product at Rolex mobile house, Pathanamthitta, they are the nokia service center in my city. I given the phone to Rolex mobile house. they said the phone is board complaint. but they cannot replace the product. reson is that the product i purchased from

 I want to know, whether the nokia authorised service center is not responsible for the warranty of the product brought from website ?

 then many time i called toll free number but i didnt got any positive answer.

now i feel i am cheated..

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Hello  user1523115623088, 

Very sorry to hear about your issues and especially for my late reaction to it. I received info that this issue got escalated and wanted to ask if everything worked out for you now? 

Best regards,


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