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Display brightness

The display's brightness level go up and down subtly at random times while scrolling. This is mostly visible on white pages. It's almost as if the software has some content adaptive backlight setting and it's not optimised properly. I feel it's a software issue because there's nothing else wrong with the display. Does anyone have this problem too?

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By default Adaptive Brightness is On, which corrects the screen brightness based on lightning conditions. The sensor is on the left side of the speaker (portrait), under very bright conditions you should see it right under the glass. If you are holding your phone in a landscape mode there's a chance you will cover the sensor which therefore decreases screen brightness.

You can turn off adaptive brightness in Settings -> Display -> Adaptive Brightness

There's an update to this on Android P which learns your preference and this might involve learning brightness levels based on time of day, etc.

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The thing is i don't even have adaptive brightness on. The brightness levels don't go up and down hugely but just minutely. That too only when scrolling on white pages. It feels as if the system is unable to keep the brightness set at the specified point. Some software bug probably.
Ok. So, this happens also when a page has a small ad running and that affects the brightness of the whole screen subtly. This also happens when I am typing on keyboard and everytime I tap on the keyboard, there's change in the brightness. I contacted customer care through email and all they do is send a pre typed reply of factory reset and display tests. Listen Nokia, read the forums and you will get to know about the plenty of bugs plaguing the Nokia 7 plus. There's clearly something wrong with the software. Fix the bugs and listen to your customers.

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Another thing is that this change in brightness doesn't happen in the settings screen and even then, everywhere else it happens randomly. This clearly makes it a software bug. Please take this into cognisance.
This may seem a minute bug which very few encounter but it's there. Nokia pull up your socks and fix up these pesky bugs in your software.

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So, this happens in settings screen also. When I tap any option, it affects the brightness of whole screen minutely.
If anyone else has this issue, do comment here and let Nokia know.

Yes i can confirm that issue on my device. (Android 8.1, the adaptive brightness is turned off.) The brightness shouldn't change at all, if the adaptive brightness is turned off.

So, I am not alone. Nokia should fix these bugs. Its disheartening to see such a good device filled with bugs.

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So, another thing to add. This issue is visible only if brightness is set between 1 percent to 30 percent. No issue at 0 percent brightness or above 30 percent brightness. This apparently means that this is a software bug because had it been a hardware one, it would have affected every brightness level.
Few people at xda, youtube and even reddit have noticed this issue.

I already saw that. Indeed, at brightness level 0 nothing change, but few level upper, I can see a little difference on a web page when I scroll with a picture and text (e.g. a news article). It looks like a brightness adaptation, same as on TV and PC. The brightness adapt not because of the light of the room, but because of the content on the screen. I don't know whether it is is a bug or not.



Oreo 8.0

It's really irritating and I hope they fix this because compared to tv screen, phone's screen is close to our eyes.
Ok. So, this bug still hasn't been fixed with the latest update. I hope Nokia fixes it in next month.
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