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TA 1020

Hi I live in the UK. I have every ota update and last one I got was march 2018. Now I've seen and heard a load of people saying they have Android Oreo on there Nokia 3 devices but try as I might it keep saying I'm on the latest version and even deleting data from. Google framework services and or foreclosing and restarting the phone won't make it say there is an update available. Has anyone got the stable TA 1020 update that I can flash manually or know where I can get it as other methods to trigger it are not working. Cheers

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that makes two of us from the UK mate, i also have the same troubles as you, i even phoned 02 and asked them if it was a service carrier issue preventing me from updating to Oreo ,all they said is be patient lol,just like nokia customer services said.

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