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Getting problem when receiving calls while in pocket

Hi there.....I'm using Nokia 7 plus. When I'm receiving calls while the phone in my pocket it automatically answering/rejecting/dragging the notification bar.... I have searched completely for change of settings for pocket mode but I couldn't find it. Is there any one tell me a solution for this problem. It causes alot of trouble for me.......

Disable the option of "flip to reject calls" in settings.

You are saying the gesture turn over to reject call right???? I haven't enabled that setting but still getting probelm
Any solution for this.Im on 8.1. phone rings and it's in my pocket.It is automatically answered.Pretty big bug or me.
I have the same problem. It keeps answering calls in my pocket

I am suffering from the same issue with Nokia 3. Dear support,  please advise.

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