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FAQ -Please read


Hi everyone and welcome to the Android developer preview. Before you dig in please have a look at the FAQ. 

What  is Nokia phones Android developer preview?

The  “Nokia phones Android developer preview” is a program that allows you to test,  develop and mature your apps on the very latest Android builds. In addition you’ll be able to provide us feedback for review and correction into the next version  of Android. 

Please  note, there are several important points that you need to be aware of before  joining us here:-

  1. These builds are early in SW Release lifecycle and although are extensively test before release, they may have some performance and/or stability issues that may make them unsuitable for daily usage. 
  2. We currently do not support OTA delivery, so a certain level of technical expertise is needed to flash the images (both the Upgrade and the rollback to Oreo).       
  3. There may be some apps that are unavailable on Google Play Store and/or may give some spurious pop-ups - Once we have full compliancy, this will be resolved

If you have any doubt  as to whether these build are suitable for you, then we strongly recommend you  hold out for the betalabs builds (to be confirmed which models are supported)


You can find the  program at - Once  you have registered, signed in, and downloaded the required Android  supplementary SW (guidance is shown on website), you’re good to go.


Please note that build  availability may be limited by model or country, and that installing the  upgrade via OTA (when supported) will require Wi-Fi connection. 


Currently, we support Nokia 7 Plus models with TA Codes, TA-1046 and TA-1055. We  appreciate you may be keen to test against another device, but we are aligned  with chipset support and test roadmaps across Google and HMD Global development  teams.


I have a Nokia 3/Nokia 5/Nokia 6/Nokia 8. Can I  take part in developer preview program? 

 Unfortunately not yet. At the moment we’re running an active developer  preview program on Nokia  7 Plus (TA-1046 and TA-1055) - We'll release a media alert as soon as support for more devices become available, so stay  tuned.


Is there anything I need to consider  before I download the dev preview software? 

 Yes indeed. Please follow the guidance on website as there is a certain  level of technical expertise needed to ensure successful flashing (if using  manual download). Always make sure your device’s software is up-to-date before  downloading the software. You can check you’re on the latest general release by  going to Settings > About phone > System update > Check for update.


When I try to verify my IMEI, it gives me  an error message. Why?

 You may  have entered your IMEI incorrectly. Please note that your IMEI should have 15  digits.

You may  have already registered using another IMEI. Currently, only one device per  registered email account is supported.

Dev. preview may not be supported by your operator, or available in your  country.


I requested the OTA, but even after 12  hours I have not received the software upgrade notification. What should I do?

 Check that  you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Check if  you have a notification at the top of your screen.

Check for  updates manually by going to Settings > About phone > System update >  Check for update.

Try powering your phone off and on again.


When trying to download, I get an error  message (e.g. "Cannot download")

 Check that you have enough storage available on your device, clear any  apps and files that are not needed, and try again.


When will I receive the official Android  upgrade?

The Official Market release Android upgrade will become readily available once we can ensure a pure and smooth experience for everyone. Please  note that release dates vary according to location and operator.


Where should I report  issues/bugs/suggestions?

You should report everything through the Feedback App. The community  forum can offer useful advice, but it is not an official bug reporting channel.


I submitted an issue via the Feedback App.  Can I see how this is progressing?

We’re not able to keep you updated on a case-by-case basis, but all  issues and suggestions submitted through the feedback app are reviewed. We may  need to come back to you for more info if you’ve given us your approval to do  so.


Can I roll back? 

When you are running dev preview software, you can roll back by clicking  on the roll-back button on the dev preview webpage. Currently we only support  manual download but we’re working hard on supporting OTA asap. Once you have  received the official release after roll-out, you will not be able to roll  back.

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