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[Update 10/09/18]Welcome to the Android Developer Preview


Hello to everyone out there interested in the Android developer preview. 

Update - Great news for Nokia 7 Plus Android developer preview users – Android Pie DP4.1 (Beta 4.1) V3.190 release is now available for OTA and manual sideload!


As a registered app developer, you’ll be among the first to get access to the latest Nokia phones Android developer preview builds. All registered app developers  will have access to the Android developer preview sub-forums in our Community. There you can discuss, exchange experiences and raise issues. 

If you want  to be part of the preview, you can register here

Also check out our FAQs.

Have a great time and get your apps ready for the next Version of Android. 


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Which of the phones which will be able to access developers preview? Will Nokia 6 2017 do?

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Hi user1514579944186 

as stated in the FAQ unfortunately the Nokia 6 isn't featured yet. For now the developer preview is for Nokia 7 plus (TA-1046 and TA-1055). As soon as other devices are available we'll release a media alert, so stay tuned. 


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Having installed android P on my 7 plus, I am having issues enabling wifi. Tried all the solutions without success... downgrading now.

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Hello Laura 

i have Chinese variant which is TA-1062 Nokia 7 Plus 

i am willing to join this beta developer preview on my device 

is there any chances ? i talked on chat they said no but whats reason 

to not add this model and variant ? this is same and even 1st launched 

device ever ... :( 

waiting for your reply 



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Will we receive further beta updates ota or must we install them like the first one using adb.

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Same as Cicas, I had issue with Wifi, unable to enable it. I also went back to Android O.

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 Looks really good. How can i add sd-card to storage?

I have installed the android p beta update in my Nokia 7 plus and i'm facing issues with volte and I'm not able to make and receive calls and also text messages. For your information, I'm able to use the mobile data.kindly provide a quick solution

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when it will available for Nokia 5?TA-1053

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Hi. I have a question if android developer preview on nokia 6.1 in future beta?

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Is the 8.1 flash the only way I'm going to get Android 8.1 on my UK network unlocked Nokia 7 plus which is stuck on 8.0 ? Nokia help is pretty much non existent and updates seem to prefer only certain countries, I'm on a sim unlocked Android one device so surely Nokia saying the update is reliant on my carrier is nonsense, I have no fixed carrier and I use ee, O2, vodafone and ID sims in this handset, not one allows the 8.1 ota update
Hi don't need to be on a particular network to receive the android 8.1. Got mine few days ago over the air on my vectone mobile UK
Well updates are usually carrier determined on when they get released because of tweaks and such to add all their trash , but I'm still stuck on 8.0 on my android one Nokia 7 plus Think I'll give it one more week then either throw it in a draw or sell it , back to Apple because they at least update across the board, they aren't staggered updates
Lol not that deep. Nokia are pretty not doing too bad releasing last OS updates. At least they are not as worse as Samsung who doesn't release one in years. Nokia 7 plus is a very good mobile. iPhone to me isn't that up to scratch compared to Nokia pricing for phones. U might as wait for Android p then. Oh wait... Nokia 7 plus can get android p beta. Go on Google Android p page to register Ur phone for it. 7 plus is amongst the seven phones eligible to get android p beta. Lucky u. I have Nokia 6(2016)
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