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[Update 19/09/2018]Welcome to the Android Developer Preview


Hello to everyone out there interested in the Android developer preview. 

Update - 

Thanks for all the feedback you have given us on Android Pie! We’re now adding the final touches to the official market release, so this developer build for Nokia 7 plus is a coming to a close. Stay tuned to our media releases for news on Android Pie coming to your device! 

There are no active devices in Nokia phones Android developer preview. We'll let you know as soon as the next program begins.


As a registered app developer, you’ll be among the first to get access to the latest Nokia phones Android developer preview builds. All registered app developers  will have access to the Android developer preview sub-forums in our Community. There you can discuss, exchange experiences and raise issues. 

If you want  to be part of the preview, you can register here

Also check out our FAQs.

Have a great time and get your apps ready for the next Version of Android. 


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Does anyone know when Android p is releasing for nokia 7 plus
Android Pie will be released the day you all can prove that you are real developers, not just users that is crying like little babies about the final release. And it is really funny to see that the developers here did not have a single problem with their apps, only about the user features of Android!
This is not a developers portal that we need to prove ourself as developers. Its a nokia community and anyone using nokia phones can post on it

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Oh really? 

[Update 19/09/2018]Welcome to the Android Developer Preview

The heading  of this forum is called what? Android Developer Preview!!! Just as I thought, you have written a line of code in your life!

All I made is a sick joke about all of you who is moaning like old women about an update!

Hey Jacob why don't you share your cool app with me and Devesh...since you are the only developer in this thread so it's best we all come to you for update, lets not Nokia provide any sort ofsoftware update, we all are expecting Android update from you kid...just share your nice cool awesome developer work...

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Come on... this is a beta test and everyone knows that this is not exclusive for developers, they want normal people to use and report issues

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Sorry building custom encryption apps for government and institutions. Not for public consumption.
When i get the Android Pie Update for my 6.1 nokia
Nokia its more than a week now since you are giving a final touch to public release. Are you in a mood to release stable version of Pie or not?

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@Devesh Stop being such a baby. September is not over yet. We're getting sick and tired of your moaning about such a little update.
You have the option of turn off notifications

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No I won't. Just stop moaning like an old woman.
The reason nokia phones still hasn't released pie is because nokia released a beta 4.1 to iron out bugs , don't forget that the nokia 7 plus hasn't recived September security patch probably because its supposed to relase with pie , I'm sure that once the rollout starts for nokia 7 plus , it will rollout to all nokia devices
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