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[Update 21/06/18]Welcome to the Android Developer Preview


Hello to everyone out there interested in the Android developer preview. 

Update - Thank you for your interest in the Android P beta developer programme on Nokia  7 plus. New Android P - DP2 (V3.08B) and rollback Oreo (V2.13B) images are now available for sideload. 


As per flash instructions, it is strongly recommended that you wipe user data before either upgrade and/or downgrade.

Support  for OTA delivery is very close - Stay tuned!


As a registered app developer, you’ll be among the first to get access to the latest Nokia phones Android developer preview builds. All registered app developers  will have access to the Android developer preview sub-forums in our Community. There you can discuss, exchange experiences and raise issues. 

If you want  to be part of the preview, you can register here

Also check out our FAQs.

Have a great time and get your apps ready for the next Version of Android. 


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Go, go, go Nokia, we believe in you, Essential already released DP4 ;)

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yes go go nokia we trust in you!!!

any news ?? 

still no update until now!!!come on nokia
I know it's been said alot and Laura gives excuses now and then. But this is a rather poor handling of this beta program. Everything so far shows a lack of preparation for what it entails. They simply shouldn't have taken it on if they weren't prepared. What use is a developer Preview device that gives me no access to the latest previews in a reasonably timely fashion. And this is an 'android one' device for that matter. Absolutely poor handling.

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Nokia just delete the community better than having your employees defending moderates ( other nokia employees ) it's a shame that a "A community hero" is that and it's also a unfortunate that you consider this a community for your customers , i would recommend to handle this developer preview as it should be ( not as a preview for Nokia's development team ) , also don't delete posts for disagreeing with you the 7 plus already has several deal breaking problems ( touch and LTE... ) Listen to our feedback please.

Tried to revert to 8.1 after trying the beta. Wifi and sim card refuse to work, so have to run beta until problem is resolved. 

i guess we will receive the ota update for nokia 7 plus dp3 on july 14,because last month that is the date they push security update that role us back to oreo 8.1
How to nokia 8 android p
So now that it's impossible to sideload the beta if you have applied the July security patch, does this mean that we are finally going to get an update of the beta also? Nokia has so far handled this beta very poorly, however at I am convinced that they are trying hard to remedy this as they clearly care about getting security patches out in a reasonably timely manner. @Laura an update would be greatly appreciated.
Nokia 8 high prise bajet phone But why to nokia 7 plus very fast in android p when the nokia 8 new update
Dear Laura, Rather than just jumping into the train and working on android p (which is not a bad thing), Kindly just fix the lag issues and battery issues on the current firmware. Currently am using the nokia 7 plus and just bought the phone yesterday and am facing a lot of lags and studders like when using the double tap of recent key and stuff. The entire ui is studdering. Kindly please look into it and fix these issues please. Please dont let down you customers. Hope you take this seriously and thanks.
Still no news?!
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