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Nokia please use the patents that you developed

İt's makes me feel bad that Nokia doesn't uses the innovations that they made; they innovated glance screen, buttonles UI and yet the best glance screen is on Galaxy s9 and buttonles UI (a cheap rip off version of it) is on iPhone x Can you please add these features to the Nokia 9; remove all buttons except power, volume and camera (we need a camera button and as a camera focused model Nokia 9 MUST have it) keep the screen to body ratio highest possible but avoid the notches and curved screen, add a modernized version of Nokia sleeping screen, and redesign the Android UI as exact same as the Nokia n9 ( at least add it's swipe interface and app icon shape) Pack it up with an AMOLED display (something like the old puremotion AMOLED displays LCD screen of Nokia 6 is sucks and I don't think there is a difference with other lcds) 2 stereo speakers and good old headphone jack with upgraded Nokia 3 design.

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That's a great phone spec, I'd like to own that phone!

As for the patents, I don't think HMD have them all, many were sold to Microsoft when they bought the Nokia devices business some years ago.

Actually Nokia still has most of the patents They just sold the device and services section to Ms and some camera patents like pureview name And I think they probably have the clear black brand too But all of those patents probably still belongs to Nokia

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It's true that we don't really know what patents were transferred to MS from Nokia. Maybe some of them were only under licence, so Nokia kept the patent.

In any case, if Nokia or HMD do get access to the Pureview patents I hope they make use of them as soon as possible.

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I got a little interested in this today, did some digging and found that the European patent and IPO websites are very helpful. Microsoft Mobile Oy, which is what used to be Nokia's devices and phones business, still owns lots of Nokia designs, trademarks and patents: For comparison HMD Global Oy owns these:
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