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Nokia please use the patents that you developed

İt's makes me feel bad that Nokia doesn't uses the innovations that they made; they innovated glance screen, buttonles UI and yet the best glance screen is on Galaxy s9 and buttonles UI (a cheap rip off version of it) is on iPhone x Can you please add these features to the Nokia 9; remove all buttons except power, volume and camera (we need a camera button and as a camera focused model Nokia 9 MUST have it) keep the screen to body ratio highest possible but avoid the notches and curved screen, add a modernized version of Nokia sleeping screen, and redesign the Android UI as exact same as the Nokia n9 ( at least add it's swipe interface and app icon shape) Pack it up with an AMOLED display (something like the old puremotion AMOLED displays LCD screen of Nokia 6 is sucks and I don't think there is a difference with other lcds) 2 stereo speakers and good old headphone jack with upgraded Nokia 3 design.
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