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Not able register & Heating issue

Hello, when I tried to register fir Nokia Beta Labs it's saying that my phone isn't supported for the same. I've a Nokia 7 plus which runs on Android 8.1 and the latest security patch as well. I don't get it why it still says that it's not supported. Also I've seen that my phone is heating up quick especially while on charging. As per the device monitor on Nokia support app, it shows 44°C at that time. If you are bring out updates for Nokia 7 plus, please check to this issue, Nokia. Thanks. By the way, Nokia Support's Chat service really sucks. They can't even understand the issue & don't know anything.


Hi hinu007 

For Nokia 7 plus there are currently no Beta Labs just the Android developer preview. For this you can register >here< but be aware that just TA-1046 and TA-1055 models are supported. 

For the  heating issue please contact the technical support >here<. 

Best regards, 


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Hi Laura! My device is TA-1046. Still it's showing this device doesn't support Beta Labs. That's what I can't understand.

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Hi Hinu007, Beta labs and the current developer preview programme for the 7 plus are different things, as Laura said, but I understand it's confusing, lots of people have mixed them up. If you want to join the developer preview programme then look at this forum: Cheers
Using Jio 4g network. After asking for all details it says beta labs not available.
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