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Camera performance after android 8.1 upgrade

Hi, I got my 8.1 update yesterday , camera interface is changed now ,in pro mode we get Lumia like settings , but I think fornt camera performance in artificial lighting (low light) has become bit worse also the auto Hdr mode is now not working properly, I haven't checked the rear cam though so can't say anything about it, what about you guys , do you think overall camera performance has increased with 8.1 upgrade. ? Thanks

Do post screenshot of the issues too if possible. And also many of the users are unaware of the Android P availability for the phone. So it may take time to get responses from everyone.

I'm getting problem from live bokeh mode for rear camera it's not getting complet blur for the outside focus area.......

Is the focus now working? On Oreo 8.0 it's stuck to autofocus. If you click somewhere it focus just 2 seconds and go back to autofocus.

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