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Device Temperature

What is the min-max temperature observed during normal usage ?? I have observed max temperature of 39 deg while normal usage Regards Amit

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During charging it reaches 46 deg in afternoon

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While charging it just gave red screen with error, too hot to perform and stopped charging. It was 49° that time.. Doesn't look normal?

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Maybe you charge your phone while its too hot (after excessive usage) or hot environment outside that affects phone too, sometime it hot while charging when there is bursting notif from social account when the internet is on (WIFI, Mobile data) so Before you charge your phone be sure that your phone is cool enough, closed opened apps, take your phone in airplane mode (if in needed open connec.) To disconnect some disturbance that affects charge and minimize heating and also remive the TPU casing (included while purchasing 7 plus) if you put it in your phone... This will dissipates heat easily even when it gets hotter.
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