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Quick Charge 4 support


I read conflicting information whether the Nokia 8 Sirocco has "Quick Charge 4 support" or not, can someone who own the device confirm whether it has it  or not? and how fast is it to charge the battery in QC4 on the Nokia?

thanks a lot!

Tech Wizard

Nokia 8 had QuickCharge 3. 
Nokia 8 Sirocco has Quick Charge 4 with Qi wireless charging capability!

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 thank you Nishanth I have also read information like this but still it is not clear whether it actually has it or whether it's activated, we have to wait for someone whoactually owns the device to report back to us and hopefully also what is the charging time like if it has QC4

So far the Sirocco doesn't show up on Qualcomms list, no doubt the next updated list will show it.

As you can see there aren't many QC 4.0 chargers or devices out yet.

I have tried my Sirocco with a QC 3.0 charger and from dead to 100% with the phone on took 2hrs and maxed out at 41 degrees C.

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Slinky Trips thanks for the information! two hours is quite a long time anyhow let's see if an update in the future will enable the qc4 option, the snapdragon 845 should be able to handle it

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