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Battery %. drop

How much do you lose battery overnight without data/wifi on. i lose 9% on safe mode 15% on battery saving mode 30-35% on normal mode.

About 5 - 7 percent
Battery draining very fast. I asked on support app for solution. First they asked me to operate in safe mode for 2-3 hours. It drained 7-8 ©in just 3 hours with only 10 mins calling. Then they asked me to factory reset. I did in evening today. By tomorrow status will be known that reset helpful or not

Thankyou Gurvinder same thing happened to me and i got the same rply from chat support plz do let us know whether resetting device helped or not, if it does help i will do it too.

Maybe you didnt off something on the settings that affects battery (Wifi, mobile data, GPS, NFC, adaptive brightness) that affects your Battery.... Try to turn them off all of these (Adaptive brightness off you have to adjust based on your comfort) mine can do well almost 19 hrs until 5 % and sometimes environment surroundings affects phone too.. hot humid place can drain battery fast. (Depends on situation like opened apps)

@winwin here is a screen shot



I will tell you my further observation in next two days. Facebook uses for 13 mins consumed 4% battery, Google play store uses for 4 mins consumed 4 %, this is today's brief status from battery management app after factory reset

Defenitely there is some app which is draining battery in your case.

On an average in normal mode i loose 4-5% of battery overnight.

You need to check the battery monitor in your phone to nail down powerr hungry app.

Factory reset is useful. It helped to some extent. Switch of adaptive brightness. Even colours of the screen improved. After observing I found Google play services app is eating lot of battery. I don't know how to attach screenshot here, otherwise I would have shown the same. I will complain about that app on Nokia support.
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