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Nokia 8

Why you are not giving developer preview to Nokia 8 as it's a flagship device

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Why is Nokia 8 not claimed, as the phone has the ability to upgrade to the Android P version of the developer? I need to check the ability of some applications to work on this device.

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Tech Wizard

Hello, as of now only one phone per company (except Google's Pixel Devices) can be a part of the Developer Preview. So Nokia chose Nokia 7 Plus to be a part of this and not the Nokia 8. So the Developer Preview is not available of Nokia 8. Thank you.

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Now that Android P has been released, will you be opening up a beta of the pleaftorm to Nokia 8? I'm registered as a beta user, just curious. Timing would also be great, though I understand a lot goes into releaseing a new version.

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Maybe Nokia decided 8 is too old (IDK, but I don't even care about DP because Nokia announced anyways that 8 will get Android P), but why does 8 Sirocco lack it? Maybe they said that only newest devices will get DP and they chose 7 Plus, but why didn't they chose the 8 Sirocco too?!

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Agree that we don't need a DP. 

Dear Laura, I am using Nokia 8 I have a doubt that why don't you integrate Dolby Atmos in Nokia 8 . Nokia 8 have a sd835 chip which is capable to handle the Dolby atmos and one more thing you are not integrated the Qualcomm's proprietary audio codecs like Qualcomm apt-x and apt-x hd. Please enable it in next update. Thank you

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No, that is not true and has been a topic here many times. AptX, its HD variant and LDAC are not supported. This setting is being ignored by the Nokia 8 just as comments about this are being ignored by Nokia. Please search in this forum for more info on this.

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Oh sorry my bad. Didn't know that it reverted it back. Forget what I said previously.
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