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Nokia 8 Sirocco not eligible?

Why isn't the Nokia 8 Sirocco part of the Developer Preview? I'm surprised that the Nokia 7 plus is included, but not the latest flagship.

does your device on list of Project treble also ? 

because google said well only devices which are 

in project treble and only 1 device from each out of google product 

like google own 4 devices in list but other vendors only have 1 device 

for test now , so nokia 7 plus is the device you can consider as flagship level 

build and software as well same as - more people have this device than siroco 

so common sense they chosen 7 plus instead of pretty high flag ship Nokia 8 

beta always consider as more approach more people to join 

and we know more people have Nokia 7 Plus than Nokia 8 siroco 

if i am wrong kindly point me out also ! 




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Hello Akash,

Apologies if wasn't able to fully understand your response.  However, to your first question: Any device which supports Android Oreo straight out of the box is part of Project Treble, so that's not the issue here.


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