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Screen for incoming and upcoming call

My present phone screen for upcomming and incoming call is hot pink. I find it really annoying and I want to find the way to change it to another color. Thanks in advance!

Change the colour for your SIM card in the Network & internet settings, SIM Cards. Press the SIM card you use for calls and it will give you the option to change the colour.

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It depends of the color of your SIM :

Settings > Networks & Internet > SIM cards > SIM 1 (or SIM 2) > Color

Thank you for your supportting
My incoming and outgoing call colour is change automatically white from blue I tried to change the color as mention above but it wont help I have nokia 7 plus and currently using only single sim
This latest change to white has to do with the new update of the phone app Google pushed out. So the option to change the colour for your SIM does nothing anymore and it's just white. It's depressing and a step back if you ask me. The app itself is nice and clean but I wonder why they removed the colour from the call and incoming call screen.
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