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[Bug report] Default ringtone preference is not saved after reboot

I found something. If you choose a stock ringtone as default ringtone and reboot your phone the selection is saved.


But, if you choose a custom ringtone that you put on your phone (internal or sd card) and reboot. Your selection is not saved and the default ringtone "Nokia Tune" is selected as default.

Otherwise, no problem detected if you choose a custom ringtone for a specific contact.

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dont worry nokia fixed this problem in 8.1 update..

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I have the exact same problem on 8.0. Hoping 8.1 will fix it (if it ever arrives).

Same problem can use downloaded loaded notifications tones ok and for some reason I have 1tune saved as a single contact and it works but multiple contact's no joy bit miffed , Nokia support even tried telling me to convert tunes to ogg tried it new it wouldn't work 樂

I tried wav, aac, mp3, oog. Same result.


If you reboot and go immediately in ringtones settings you can see your custom ringtone is still selected. If you stay on that setting screen and make a call with another phone, the ringtone will be your custom ringtone.

Then, exit the ringtones settings then go back and you can see the ringtone selection reset itself. "Nokia Tune" is back.


It's obviously a bug.

The only solution for now is to not turn off your phone. But if your battery is dead, or just want to turn off your phone when you sleep, this bug is kinda annoying.

I have no idea if the 8.1 update correct this. I'm stuck to the 8.0.

Okay... apparently my post was censored for no reason. So I said I tried wav, mp3, ogg and aac. Same result.

If you go quickly on the ringtone setting after a reboot you can see your custom ringtone is still selected. And if you make a call on a another phone, the Nokia 7 Plus will use your ringtones. But, after exit the settings and go back, it reset itself the selection and put back "Nokia Tunes".

The only solution is to not turn off the phone. Yeah I know...

So it is obviously a bug to not saving your ringtone setting after a reboot.

I have the same issue as well on my Nokia 7 Plus. Another interesting thing is, that a family member of mine who has very recently bought the new Nokia 6 (2018) has the exact same issue as well. So it appears to affect that model as well.

I'm trying a few things to see if I can make the ringtone stick after a restart. No luck so far, but if I do find a way round this bug, I'll report back :)

The only way (apparently) to report this bug is contacting Nokia via the chat support (because we're only user here). So everyone need to contact Nokia to talk about it. If I trust the last Nokia staff I chat with, they keep track of our bug report.

I can confirm I have the same issue with android 8.0.0 Preloaded ringtones are saved and recalled after a reboot. A custom ringtone (mp3, ogg or m4a) saved on internal memory is reset after reboot. Reboot, look at settings and your custom ringtone is still there but changes to Nokia tune before your eyes. I've testing ringtones under 10 seconds and those over 10 seconds

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dont worry nokia fixed this problem in 8.1 update..

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I can confirm that this issue has gone with the 8.1.0 update. Depending on your service provider, you may or may not received the update. I am with EE, who block the update. The only fix is to remove your SIM and Factory Reset the phone and it pulled down 8.1.0 update and the May 2018 security update.
BUT it now keeps my ringtone set after reboot.

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