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Feature requests + Bugs Report 8.1

Okay, The Nokia 8 has been out for over a year now and while the phone itself is solid I'm let down by the software side of things, the Nokia 8 comes with "Glance" which is good for the people who like it but I don't so I have it disabled which means my screen does nothing when notifications come through which is annoying as they should have an ambient display feature in the display settings to allow us to choose between the two, Secondly the camera app on the Nokia 8 is crap (I know it's been said a lot) Nokia/HMD have stated that the Nokia 8 would receive the Pro Camera App via a future OTA Update but that was in February and there's still nothing. Thirdly a lot of people are annoyed that the bootloader on the Nokia Android devices is locked which prevents custom firmware from being developed and they stated that they'd unlock it but months later there's still nothing. Now onto the bug's, Android 8.1 has this bug that when moving an app from one screen to another doesn't switch screens until u do it 2 or more times then the OS glitches for a sec, this is really annoying but there is no way of reporting these bug's as the feedback app is only available on the Beta programs, another would be some apps hang and crash which is annoying. Please add these features and fix these problems HMD as I'm really losing any hope that you guys listen and I'll go elsewhere when I'm changing phone's next time.

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Hey bro, capacitive lights as notification lights excellent feature which saves more battery and no default sound recorder because no application didn't work long on this set....and finally you mentioned things.... here we only hope soon we get these but these money dogs don't care us

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